Camera Clay Productions produces engaging corporate videos with some incredible companies. Whether for internal training or external communications, corporate video production can be fun and engaging. Texas is full of talented videographers that only focus on visually-stunning video, but we’re different. We make strategic video contest that hits your target.

Capturing the nartural world and discovering the story is an exhilarating experience. Equal parts video production team and anthropoligists, our crew lives for documentary films. Texas’ history is rich with stories yet to be told.

Educators can make an impact from anywhere in the world by producing their own online video course. Online education has become an HUGE industry in recent years (and it’s the industry on which Camera Clay Productions was founded). With many years or producing globally successful courses under our belt, we continue to usher knowledge into the modern age.

Every filmmaker cuts their video production teeth on music videos. It’s a right of passage. It’s also a chance to create something magical and different with artists from a neighboring industry. Musicians often have a great visual ideas without the video expertise to communicate them clearly. Luckily, we speak Musician. Not only have we produced a ton of music videos for artists in San Antonio and Austin, but we’re musicians as well.

The modern marketplace is digital, and your brand presence relies on engagement through TV commercials, online video content, and social media videos. Plus, you can reach a huge audience with commercial video. Camera Clay productions is all about Ideas Taking Shape, starting with storyboarding process, video production, and then bringing it across the finish line in post-production.