Defensive vs. Offensive Video Content

Defensive vs. Offensive Video Content

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Are you wondering how to make your video content stand out from the competition? Well, there are two main strategies you can use - offensive or defensive. Each has its own set of benefits that can help you reach your goals faster and more effectively.

At Camera Clay Productions, we’re experts in the field, and we’ve put together some information to help you decide on the best video content and strategies for your company.

A. Defensive Video Content

Think about it, when you first learn about a business or service, what do you do? You Google it! Defensive video content is there to meet your potential customer at your digital storefront and educate them about your business or offering. It’s created to protect against competitors who are already dominating the marketplace. This type of content focuses on reinforcing existing brand messaging, maintaining customer loyalty, and increasing customer engagement. It also helps create a unique identity for your business by highlighting specific features that make your product or service unique.

Defensive video content works on your existing platforms, like your website, social media, and email signatures. Anywhere customers can find you, they have instant access to your brand, story, and why your business is so great. This strategy will attract your ideal customers directly into your sales cycle.

B. Offensive Video Content

Offensive video content is meant to go out and attract customers, get your message/offer in front of them, and then pull them back into your defensive content. This is commonly achieved by running ad campaigns across platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. This isn’t about getting exposure or losing money to get your name out there. This is about using effective creativity to produce a return on investment.

With a properly set up offensive strategy, your brand will be impossible to ignore. The advantage of running an offense such as an ad campaign is that you get to collect valuable data directly from your ideal customers. This enables you to identify any questions or concerns that aren’t currently being addressed, allowing you to effectively serve your customers and attract more just like them.


Video content is the new storefront. Deciding whether to use defensive or offensive video content is like deciding between arms and legs. Take a look at your company’s online presence and try to identify gaps in your brand message and sales cycle. Where do customers fall through the cracks, and what crucial information do they need at that moment?

If a business has already produced solid videos on its website, it can look for opportunities to drive more traffic to its existing line of defense. For example, this could be done by running a video marketing campaign on their social media platforms. If a company is already successful on social media but is lacking a defense, it can use the social media data to clarify its offer and drive that traffic to custom landing pages that close sales at a much higher rate.

When choosing a direction for your video marketing, identify which of these two is working in your favor and then use the other to supercharge your reach. Strategic video conquers all obstacles!

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